You want a good cheap ‘man and van’ service, but without the risk, right?


Just because you want cheap and cheerful, doesn’t mean you have to put up with an unprofessional, unreliable, risky or just plain strange service! We set up shop after hearing too many man-and-van horror stories.

M25 Super Van was set up by M25 Movers – our super experienced, super professional, super friendly London house-moving service (for people with a tonne of furniture). And we’re bringing that crazy level of professionalism to our simple, cheap and cheerful Man and Van service.

Just hit the booking button. Take a moment to recover from your shock at our super cheap prices. Book us in a jiffy. And sit back with a nice cup of tea. Your man and van will be pressing your doorbell exactly on time.

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How can we be so professional AND as cheap as Bob from Gumtree?


We’ve been doing removals in London for a loooong time.

Our experience makes us super efficient, so we cut down on costs there. Plus we help out A LOT of students, young pros, and people who just want to save money in London.

The high number of jobs also helps us save you cash. Think Easy Jet for van moves. On holiday, would you rather get on a long, smelly coach ride when you can fly for the same price? Thought not. So book us up today – let’s get your stuff moved pronto!

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