9 Signs London is Really Its Own Country

Ever get the feeling you’ll need to flash your passport as your train rattles across the boundary into the M25? If so, you’re not the only one. Londoners have been joking – or seriously suggesting – that their city should be its own state for donkey’s years! Why? Well, London might be the capital of the UK, but it doesn’t always feel …

6 Tips For Finding Your Perfect Flatshare

Moving to London on your lonesome? Looking for a shared house to move into? … Nervous? No wonder. Finding your perfect flatshare can be a daunting experience. Especially when the demand for a reasonably-priced room with a nice group of non-nutters seems to far outweigh supply. So what’s a (temporarily) homeless hopeful to do? 1. Get back to them sharpish Great living arrangements …

Need a 1 Bedroom Flat to Rent in London? Don’t Look HERE

This week in London rental chaos, a group in Gypsy Hill tried to rent out a tent in their dining room for £550/month. A tent.            For £550 per month. Yes, London, you’ve reached peak mental. The tent debacle might be enough make you laugh if the insanely-high-rents-for-tiny-spaces craze wasn’t enough to make you cry.

7 Things You Never Hear a Londoner Say

Moving to London can be an unexpected culture shock, even if you’re coming from 50 miles away. It’s big, it’s loud, it has its own quirky way of doing things – and it can take some getting used to. To help you get your head around how Londoners think, here are seven things that don’t exist in their vocabulary.

Don’t Move to London Without Reading This First

London’s like nowhere else. No really: living here is a totally different experience to living pretty much anywhere else in the country. I mean, where else in the British Isles could you imagine a café that only sells breakfast cereal? Or giant ball parks for grown-ups to play in? Or Boris Johnson? London is a law unto itself. And if …